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A Sinatra Portfolio Project

Sinatra Nested Forms

Super Hero Lab: A Walkthrough

A Dynamic Web App, Made With Sinatra

I was recently asked to write some code that would facilitate a business’ need to share finalized schedules for thier factory machines with the employees responsible for running those machines. As the machines’ schedules are constantly being updated and re-released when edits are made to orders, it is important that the process be as easy and intuitive as possible for the employees utilizing it.

SQL: Communicating with Databases

Howdy! Welcome to SQL! I’d be happy to be your guide :)

BIBLUS: a CLI Data Gem

Biblus is a Gem I developed for Flatiron’s CLI Data Gem project. It can tell the user the “Bible verse of the day” as scraped from biblegateway.com and then also allow the user to read the full text of the chapter the verse is from, if they so choose. Someday, I hope to add a look up functionality that would allow a user to type in a book, chapter, and verse number and it would show the user that text, but I haven’t gotten that functionality working yet!